Friday, 12 July 2013

Cooking Kit

I have completed the procurement of my cooking kit. I have balanced weight against cost and come to the conclusion that titanium is not required as life time use is not required at my age.

Therefore this is my Kit

Optimus Terra  Solo cookset, 200g. £19
Hi tec Titanium stove, 49g. £24 
Light my fire Plastic Spork , 20g. £1.70
Light my fire steel , 50g . £10.
Bit of cloth, scrub, Foil wind shade - homemade.
In total this is 500g including the gas tin, all for £55 

The Terra Solo set is small being 600ml Pot with a lid/Pan for 300ml. However all the items bar the spork fit into the tins.

The gas tin is at the bottom of the pan.

The pans are anodized aluminum, a hard wearing finish. We had a set of pans in this finish and they lasted 20 years with tough use, so I am expecting a good life span from they. The handle spring out and are very solid in use. The pan when used for the lid is loose and does not lock into the pan, this is good so that is does not dislodge the pot when being removed. The pans are easy to use and clean. The plastic spork will not scratch the surface when cooking. There measures in the outside and inside of the pot which is very useful and a pouring spout.

The benefit of 2 pans is one can be used for water and one to cook. I am keen on the beans and sausage combo from Heinz and this fit in the small pan well. The large pan will make a good size up of tea and leave hot water for cleaning.

The pans are stable in use and do not slide on the stove. I am planning to get some feet for the gas tin to improve stability in the field. 

As a note the bigger (900ml) set has fins on the pot to improve heating. I intend to make a cosy for it to keep contents warm and a better windshield.

Overall this is an ideal set for solo use and I am very pleased with the weight and use.

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