Monday, 24 June 2013

Sleeping mats what's Best?

The product has been overtaken by lightweight developments over recent years, with such products as the Neoair and inflatable mats, see Exped. While these offer great comfort for about £60 -80, there is the question over longevity. I have read blogs about all these type of mats getting punctures and seems opening. 

I am keen to get a mat which I can trust, is still light and good value. At present the winner is the Multimat Superlite 25 self-inflating, this is full length and not compact. This comes in at 475g and can be got the price of £40. But is 25mm enough? Or is firmness more important. At home we sleep on a Memory Foam Mattress and have done so for many years. I now suffer if I sleep on a traditional sprung mattress, which is soft and bouncy. 

So the self-inflating mat can be blown fuller and firmer, has better puncture resistance and can be light and packs small. Does this still have a place in this new lightweight world?

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  1. The problem with a self inflating mat is deflating it. I found this incredibly difficult and time consuming.